MAPECON Is The Nation’s Largest and Leader In Pest Control.


  • Founder Jun Catan, and his team of specialists, provide termite inspections and solutions for all kinds of pest problems. The excellence of MAPECONs service is FULLY supported by 40 LEADING, WORLD-CLASS patented technologies.
  • MAPECON has the NATIONs LARGEST TEAM of EXPERTS with more than 40 branches to serve you!


“MAPECON offers the best environment-friendly solutions for your pest problems. You can trust MAPECON’s practice of Christian principles and ethics in business, 53 years of experience, 38 award-winning patents, and 100% indigenous Filipino products to help make your environment pest free.
Our 44 branches are here to serve you nationwide.”

Common Household Pests

Learn how to identify and control the common pests like flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, termites, rodents, bed bugs, spiders, rats, crickets, bugs, beetles, ticks and wasps that are living and invading our homes, offices, gardens, establishments and others. These common pests are well known in causing damage to properties and human foods. They also act as a disease vectors and causes other threats.

MAPECON Branches and Satellite Offices Nationwide

MAPECON Braches and Satellite Offices Nationwide

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